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    The Henry Jones Art Hotel

    Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

    Reservations at The Henry Jones Art Hotel in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

    Meter Score: 18.5 of 20

    Style: Modern Design

    Atmosphere: Happening

    Rates starting at:


  2. 2

    Villa Howden

    Howden, Australia

    Reservations at Villa Howden in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

    Style: Traditional Elegance

    Atmosphere: Quiet

    Rates starting at:


  3. 3

    Saffire Freycinet

    Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia

    Reservations at Saffire Freycinet in Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia

    Style: Cutting-Edge

    Atmosphere: Secluded

    Rates starting at:


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