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Abingdon Virginia USA


170 Mercer St

Abingdon, Virginia

40.725360 -73.997849

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First reviewed by The Nolitan Hotel

  1. “This new trendy Japanese restaurant impresses with its original take on the traditional Japanese menu. While the sushi and sashimi dishes are clean and fresh, what sets them apart from the norm are their other more unique dishes. We started with tuna tartare tacos with mint. An original and delicious dish! The octopus salad was hands down the best way I've ever had the sea creature prepared! It was cooked to perfection in a delicious sauce. For our entree, the short rib was amazing. It melted in our mouths! Mochi ice cream for dessert, nothing better! The cocktails were great, the service attentive and the atmosphere fun and relaxing. It was packed by 10pm!”

    The Nolitan Hotel


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