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  1. “The city of Agra stands as a testimony to the true spirit of a resilient era that made India a force to be reckoned with. For three generations one of the most dynamic dynasties in the medieval world, the Mughal dynasty, occupied the city which alternated with Delhi as the capital of their magnificent Empire. With their talent and wealth the Mughals immortalized Agra in stone and marble leaving behind a legacy of some of the finest examples of Mughal architecture in the country. Today, these buildings give a glimpse into the days of a magnificent era, grandiose, fascinating and enchanting. Although, the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, is the most famous and is synonomous with Agra, the Red Fort, Sikandra, tomb of Itmad ud Daula and the nearby ghost town of Fatehpur Sikri should not be overlooked.Other attractions:This bird paradise acquired its name –Keoladeo because of the existence of the Keoladeo Temple of Lord Shiva. After the name of this temple the lake is called ‘Ghana’ Keoladeo. Ghana being the vernacular synonym for dense forest. It was known as the best duck shooting resort during the British reign, but was declared a reserve for birds in 1956 and later upgraded to a National Park. UNESCO has listed it as a world heritage site.National Chambal Sanctuary on the River Chambal is a refuge for the rare and endangered Gharial ( Gavialis gangeticus) and Ganges River Dolphin ( Platanista gangetica). The 400 km stretch of crystal clear water also supports marsh crocodiles, smooth coated otters, 6 species of terrapins/turtles plus 250 species of birds. A good population of Indian Skimmers is the strongest birding attraction here. This endangered species is easily seen near Bah and is one of the few remaining places where you can get close views of this beautiful bird. Black-bellied Terns, Red-crested and Ferruginous Pochards, Bar-headed Goose, Sarus Crane, Great Thick-knee, Indian Courser, Pallas's Fish Eagle, Pallid Harrier, Greater and Lesser Flamingos, Darters, and the star attraction of Chambal Safari Lodge, the resident Brown Hawk Owl, all add up to an impressive list of birds.Shopping:Agra is famous for its marble and soft stone inlay, as well as zardori-embroidered fabrics, leather goods, brassware, carpets, and jewelry. you will find every thing you thing of taking home as souvenirs (marble table top, sliver, jewelry, carpet and pashmina shawls. It's like carrying a piece of history with you.Access : By Air – Agra (12 km) & Delhi (204 km). Charter flights / helicopters can be arranged By Rail - Agra Cantt (8 km) By Road – Delhi (204 km), Jaipur (232 km), Bharatpur (56 km), Gwalior (118 km)”



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