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Amsterdam Netherlands

Mini Bar - Closed

Prinsengracht 478


52.364372 4.885109

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by citizenM Hotel Amsterdam Airport

  1. “This bar takes the hotel minibar up a notch, and lets you relax and sip drinks at your own private minibar. A concierge gives you a key to your own well-stocked bar.”

    citizenM Hotel Amsterdam Airport


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  2. “"MiNiBAR is new kind of bar; A bar where you never have to wait for service again because YOU serve YOURSELF.Located on the Prinsengracht 478, very close to Leidseplein the MiNiBAR is situated the exciting and beautiful heart of Amsterdam. It has an interior designed by one of the best in their field.You and your friends can check in with our concierge who’ll provide you with a key to one of our 45 MiNiBAR fridges. The fridges are stocked with premium quality beverages and snacks. Each MiNiBAR contains all the classics like beer, wine and spirits, as well as a few surprises.Feeling hungry? Help yourself to MiNiBar snacks or order from our delivery menu of fresh sushi and seasonal dishes"”



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