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Amsterdam Netherlands


Piet Heinkade 3

in Rembrandtplein


52.377369 4.913094

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  1. “Amsterdam’s top jazz club (and by extension one of the best in the world — take that, America!) has traded in its dingy and history-steeped warehouse space for a shiny new home ten minutes’ walk from the central train station. Less like selling out and more like trading up, as the new space is cleaner, brighter and better-sounding — only a hardline ultra-purist would object (and of course the jazz world has its fair share of those).”



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  2. “In the Bimhuis a variety of jazz and improvised music can be enjoyed. The focus is on new developments, but the Bimhuis also offers a significant selection of more mainstream music. Plus, the Bimhuis is situated in the great architectural Muziekgebouw aan het IJ. The restaurant offers reasonable food but excellent view on the IJ, especially in summer when there is a large terrace along the waterfront.”



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