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Armamar Porto Portugal


Estrada Nacional 222

Armamar, Douro Valley

41.151643 -7.681965

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First reviewed by anthony william

  1. “Don't miss this Douroside restaurant if you're in the region. Chef Rui Paula is one of Portugal's best. And that means he's GOOD! I ate (for the second time running) great Porco Bísaro (pronouced Bizaro - but don't worry, it ain't bizarre, just an unusual name - it's actually a local breed of pig from Trás-os-Montes). And, as would be expected for a place with a name like this in the place it is - a wine list as thick as a coffee table book and very representative of all the good things that have been happening to winemaking in Portugal over the past decade or so.”

    anthony william


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