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Barcelona Spain

Hisop Restaurant

Passatge Marimón 9

in L'Eixample


41.394453 2.147971

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by Darren

  1. “We had a special night out at this resturant. Arriving, there were white walls, probably only 7 tables, formally dressed staff and no music and no atmosphere!Initially daunting when we arrived, we relaxed and were there to have a nice meal together. There's lots of nice things on the menu, but we opted for the taster which was 5 courses with complimentary amuse-bouche, Intermezzo and frothy and usually alcoholic, in-betweeners.I wasn't expecting it, but the food and service was exquisite. The waitress was attentive but not too involving, and would advise what the course was. The tuna - never had such nice tuna.Only word of warning. The cheeses - where a selection of each is offered - initially seeming tight servings when others received there’s during the night, but actually I was full at this stage. The cheeses are presented in a light>strong taste and the last one was, for me, inedible.However, for someone like me - fussy in all senses of the word - the night was lovely.”



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  2. “Insanely elaborate, surprising, over-the-top Catalan gourmet cuisine. Intimate, with great service. Go hungry, with a leisurely attitude.”



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