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Budapest Hungary

The Book Cafe

Andrássy út 39


47.503800 19.061250

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First reviewed by laurel

  1. “Central European Bookstore has many good English-language books on Budapest that will make your trip so much more enlightening. The Book Cafe on Andrassy utca and the bookstore on Vaci street are also good, and the Book Cafe has an amazing turn-of-the-19th-century coffeehouse space upstairs.I recommend:"Hungarian History in a Nutshell" -- One word: realpolitik."Made in Hungary or Made By Hungarians" -- entertaining account of an amazingly gifted people."The Budapest Opera: An Architectural Tour" -- key to liberal reformers of the late 19th. Greek classical mythology employed in didactic mode, Baroque-revival/neo-Romantic style, including the three Graces, the four Cardinal Virtues, the seven Muses and Nietzche's take on Bacchus and Apollo."The Failure of the Central European Bourgeoisie: New Perspectives on Hungarian History" "Triumph of Survival: The Origins of Hungary's Foreign Policy, 890-1038"”



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