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Buenos Aires Argentina


Av. Costanera Norte and La Pampa

in Palermo

Buenos Aires

-34.550826 -58.429520

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by Moses

  1. “If you are looking for something to do at night, then Tequila is the place you need to be. Very similar to a club, you need to be able to make the list, and don't even waste your time going there if your name is not on the list. The interior décor was completely remodeled because it was really popular 20 years ago and now has been re-opened. A great place to have a good time, but not that easy to get into especially if your wallet isn't heavy.”



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  2. “Oh I have been to many night clubs in buenos aires and i think this was the best. Great interiors, great drinks ( 40 pesos for a caipi , a little expensive) , great great music.. everything from house , electronic, r&b.. great to shake your booty. Great crowd. What else can you ask for for a great night out. i had so much of fun with my girlfrinds the last time i went there. But once i went there on sunday last week and the place was closed. so i suggest you make a call and find out before you head there. cheers!”



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