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Cabo San Lucas Baja Peninsula Mexico

Misiones De Kino Pasta Bella Restaurant and Bar

Vincente Guerrero & 5 de Mayo

Cabo San Lucas, Baja Peninsula

22.884478 -109.914329

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1 Reviews

First reviewed by Jennifer

  1. “We loved this local restaurant! A 10 min walk from Capella. Make a left on Vincente de Guerro and walk up about 7 blocks. Food was great both times we ate there. Wish we could have more. Favorites included tortilla soup, ceviche, shrimp with the devine diablo sauce, shrimp in wine and butter, lobster and the very best octopus ever (sorry Bitalli)! Good margs and a smooth house tequilla. Staff was super helpful. Don't miss this place. Will give your wallet a much needed rest!”



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