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Chicago Illinois USA

Seminary Co-Op Bookstore

5757 S University Ave

in Hyde Park

Chicago, Illinois

41.789855 -87.598045

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by Matthew

  1. “The best bookstore, ever. A close second doesn't come to mind. Located in the basement of the Chicago Theological Seminary, The Sem Coop Bookstore is book-lover's mecca. Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, every available surface is covered with texts covering all subjects and interests. You can lose yourself for hours wandering in the book-labyrinthine. Among other things, The Sem Coop Bookstore at The University of Chicago boasts the largest collection of academic texts in the country. If it's in print, they've got it. Pick up a copy of the latest The Chicago Manual of Style while you're there.”



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  2. “The Co-Op Bookstore is a University of Chicago institution and a must-visit. An atmospheric place reached by descending a steep flight of stairs, the bookstore is extraordinarily well-stocked and up to date, with a full representation of the offerings of the University of Chicago Press. No matter what your interest, you'll find happy surprises the old serendipitous pre-search engine way, by browsing and turning physical pages. They ship, so go wild.”



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