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Chicago Illinois USA


640 N. Dearborn St

in River North

Chicago, Illinois

41.893504 -87.630060

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First reviewed by Matthew

  1. “Vision, and its parent nightclub Excalibur, are both built into an old church on Dearborn. Vision is your best bet for seeing world-class DJs, hosting acts like Paul Van Dyk and The Chemical Brothers with regularity. The dance floor of Vision is a three-tier job, with a primary dance floor, a balcony spanning three sides of the room, and a third tier with a bar used primarily as a VIP space. The atmosphere at Vision when a big DJ is in the room is amazing. That being said, lesser DJs have a lot of trouble maintaining the crowd in such a unique space. Entry into Vision includes entry into Excalibur, but not vice-verse. Excalibur is a well-past-its-prime club that mostly plays host to suburban bachelorette parties. Do not go to Excalibur.”



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