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Chicago Illinois USA

Saloon Steak House

200 E Chestnut St

in Streeterville

Chicago, Illinois

41.898824 -87.621671

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1 Reviews

First reviewed by Matthew

  1. “Saloon is a steak house located on the first floor of The Seneca hotel, in the shadow of the Hancock building in the heart of Streeterville. Saloon is hands-down the best bang-for-buck Chicago steakhouse. Saloon serves an amazing Bone-In Ribeye in both American and Waygu beef, and the 16 oz Filet Mignon is excellent. The steakhouse onion soup is a steakhouse twist on French onion soup, adding bits of prime rib to the mix, and a few sides go a long way. As with all great Chicago steakhouses, their Manhattan is impeccable.”



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