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Chicago Illinois USA

312 Chicago

136 North Lasalle Street

in The Loop

Chicago, Illinois

41.652366 -87.607898

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First reviewed by Robert

  1. “312 is an upscale Italian restaurant at the corner of LaSalle St and Randolph. It is next to the Palace Cadillac Theater. It is adjacent to Hotel Allegro, a Kimpton Hotel. The menu is unique and changes seasonally. The chef buys locally at the many street markets in the city when they are open. The food is beyond superb. It is unique and always made with fresh products, organic when possible. They serve the best cheese plate in town. A fun thing to do is sit at the counter that over sees the Kitchen. There are 2 stools on either side and all the plates are served from the center. You see first hand what goes into the fixing and plating and get to take part in the fun banter. It can pricey (dinner & drinks for 2 generally $120 t0 $150), but worth every penny.”



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