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Fes Morocco

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music

Sidi Al Khayat, BP 629


34.033333 -5.000000

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  1. “Annual festival in early June bringing together musicians from around the world. 2011 (the year I went) featured a variety of shows hosted afternoons in a beautiful museum courtyard, evenings in a splendid outdoor venue, late nights at other lovely courtyards, and with various other events sprinkled throughout the 10 day festival, all coinciding with free concerts for the public which it seems all Fes turns out for, partying late into the night. Musical highlights (for me) included musicians from Morocco, Senegal, Pakistan, India, and Ethiopia. Also present were musicians from France, Italy, Brazil, Lebanon, Palestine, Spain, Iran, Egypt, Paraguay, Afghanistan, Syria, Indonesia & Iraq -- many of which I missed because there was just too much to do each day (and a couple of days were rained out, creating a lot of confusion about rescheduled events). Fes itself provides a wonderful setting for the festival.”



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