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Florence Tuscany Italy

Cibreo Srl - Alimentari

Via Andrea del Verrocchio, 4-red

Florence, Tuscany

43.771065 11.266512

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First reviewed by elizabeth

  1. “I'm a historian and I love digging deep into the past...hopefully, to learn something useful about the present. Am I nerdy? yes. But crusty, uptight and old-fashioned? never. I'm rather on the racy side of history.So, what does this have to do with Cibreo? Oh, everything....Cibreo is history. It is tradition. On its ear.Dining at Cibreo feels like sitting in your make-believe godmother's salotto--but while you may feel like Cinderella, I can assure you that all the marvelous Tuscan treats about to appear on your table are deliciously, delectably real.The kitchen staff takes historical recipes and re-fashions them. It's like eating in a culinary museum. Sheep's brains, stuffed chicken necks, cow's more exotic and more fabulous than the next. Tripe to make you swoon. Yes, tripe!!(Ok. I am a big foody, too.) Everything old is new (and completely yummy) again at Cibreo.”



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