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Florence Tuscany Italy

Sant'Agostino 23

Via Sant'Agostino, 23-red

Florence, Tuscany

43.767155 11.246238

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First reviewed by Riva Lofts Florence

  1. “In the Oltrarno eating scene, Sant'Agostino 23 comes in the form of a tastefully modernized neighborhood trattoria, which serves up Florentine and Italian specialties.Sant'Agostino 23's menu features tagliolini with grated tuna roe, grilled baccalà (salt cod) with a rosemary-spiked chickpea purée, tripe, orecchia di elefante (literally 'elephant ear', a kind of super-thin Wiener schnitzel) and a fine hamburger and chips. The daily changing lunchtime menu del pellegrino (that's 'pilgrim') offers great value for a primo, secondo and water.”

    Riva Lofts Florence


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