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Fort Cochin Kerala India

Tea Pot

Peter Celia Street

Fort Cochin, Kerala

14.670261 120.969821

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2 Reviews

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  1. “Enjoy 15 types of tea in this tea-themed restaurant, which has tea chests as tables and tea decor. Caffeine junkies can get their fix with coffee, but where's the fun in that?”



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  2. “This is one place really worth searching out. Simple, relaxed, cool and quiet, you are greeted by swishing ceiling fans and eclectic decor. The guide books will tell you about the tables fashioned from upturned tree roots but the best thing is the thirty minutes - that somehow turns into an hour - enjoying the best cup of tea you have ever tasted. I brought a pack of their house blend home to the UK and was, via that unique ability taste and smell have, transported back to warm, exotic Cochin again, despite the cold, grey British weather outside. Magic!”



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