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Forte dei Marmi Tuscany Italy


61 Via Carducci

Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany

43.956488 10.172140

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First reviewed by Wael

  1. “One of the best places I've eaten in. The place and atmosphere are nice and simple, nothing special. The food on the other hand was simply amazing. I actually asked the waiter to recommend a starter, first course, main course and dessert. They were all very very good and the portions were perfect.For starters I took the scallops with truffles which were out of this world, I never tasted such a thing, it was really good, it's a must try. For the first course I took the linguini with lemon and paper which was also really good and a must try. The main course I tried the scampi which was good but I won't really recommend.”



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