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Rebekka Notkin

Piazzale Aurelio, 7

45.468945 9.171462

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  1. “I walked past the shop and then doubled back, because I couldn’t resist going inside to have a closer look at the pendant in the window. It was perfection in its simplicity…a circle of black onyx with an inner circle of white gold…graceful and elegant. Inside the Copenhagen shop, Danish designer, Rebekka Notkin, was every bit as lovely as her jewelry. Dressed in chic midnight blue satin, with simple grey ballet flats, Rebekka showed me her jewelry. In her expert hands, gemstones are artfully combined with gentle curves of precious metals. Rebekka Notkin jewelry exemplifies contemporary sophistication, elegance, and style…words that would also describe Rebekka herself.“I am inspired by the magic that surrounds jewelry and gemstones in a historical perspective. Jewels represent their times, a trend or art movement. History has influenced jewelry design throughout the ages, be this in gifts of affection, objects of trade, part of a garment, or symbols of knowledge, power, wealth or beauty.” Rebekka Notkin”



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