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London England

The New London Theatre

166 Drury Lane

in Soho


51.515430 -0.122797

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First reviewed by Henry

  1. “The production tells the story of an English farmboy whose father buys him a foal to work in the fields despite the fact that the horse clearly has some racing blood in him. The boy raises the horse and forms a connection, but the father sells the horse to the army at the outbreak of WWI. The rest of the story is about how the boy runs away from home and joins the army in order to search for his horse in the battlefields of France. What makes this production so incredible is that the horse is actually a life sized puppet manipulated by three puppetmasters. About half way through the show, the movements of the horse are so evocative that you stop seeing the puppeteers! I brought a box of kleenex, and you should too.”



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