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London England

Cafe Boheme

13-17 Old Compton Street

in Soho


51.513452 -0.130670

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First reviewed by The Metropolitan London

  1. “This institution first opened in 1992, has had a new life breathed into it. The look may be "bistro by numbers", with a centrepiece bar, banquettes and brass, but the mix of casual dining and charming service has broad appeal. The menu comes courtesy of chef/director Henry Harris (formerly of Racine), with a roll-call of French classics that caters for every mealtime, with light bites such as croque monsieur or salad nicoise alongside a full-throttle board of chateaubriand for two, steak tartare, crisp-skinned sea bass fillet with a sauce choron (bearnaise with tomato). The compact Francophile wine list offers a decent selection by the glass, half bottle and 500ml pichers.”

    The Metropolitan London


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