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London England


27-29 Endell St

in Soho


51.514492 -0.124546

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First reviewed by John

  1. “Circus is a somewhat hidden restaurant near the West End. At first we didn't know what to expect but were pleasantly surprised and entertained the whole time.An eclectic mixed of well dressed patrons helped set off the interesting concept: food and circus entertainment rolled into one. What entertainment you might ask? Burlesque fire eaters, acrobatic ring tricks, and more - all done with an edge. The show is all night and varies - the action happens on the main dining table so if you are sitting there with a large group be ready to have people standing on your table. The actual restaurant is rather small so there are no bad seats to the action.A DJ mixes songs you know and songs you don't while the bar mixes up cocktails made from fresh squeezed juices and top shelf liquors. Great service was at the bar as well.Food was good (not mind blowing but good) with a southwest American flare. Prices were reasonable and portions were large for Europe.Service was impeccable.My wife and I had a great time and would recommend to any young couples looking to start off a night of cocktails and fun.”



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