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Madrid Spain


Calle de la Independencia 4

in Salamanca Quarter


40.417772 -3.709989

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by AC Palacio del Retiro Hotel

  1. “Designed by Philippe Starck. Modern and creative food. The oyster martini and eggs with truffle oil are recommended.”

    AC Palacio del Retiro Hotel


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  2. “We were there in the Easter weekend and our trip was nicely wrapped up with a well executed meal at the Ramses on Sunday, when a lot of good restaurants were closed. The service was not how I would describe it as super attentive when compare to another local hotel restaurant (Midnight Rose), nor would I say the seating was comfortable. (Witnessing a two older couples sitting on the stiff high stools was slightly uncomfortable to my eyes and to them, I overheard.) HOWEVER, the food was great. The black cod with miso sauce melted in my mouth, and the duck was succulent. The appetizers that we ordered: jamon and salad were of huge portions, which make them good for sharing and make the price tag immediately acceptable.”



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