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Madrid Spain


C/ San Andrés 1


40.425520 -3.703950

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First reviewed by De Las Letras Hotel & Restaurante

  1. “ A bar and restaurant upstairs, downstairs an area to chill out. Exceedingly original cocktails and selections from the trendiest wine regions in Spain to accompany dishes ranging from Japanese sushi to Moroccan skewered lamb. Laid back, youthful and fun, this open-plan, industrial-style venue is dominated by a huge lamp covered in glowing balloons and is furnished with an eclectic ensemble of benches, tables and chairs. The ground-floor area has a sand floor, mounds of cushions and low tables where you can enjoy your drink as if your were in the desert. Pop, rock, techno, house... and arty projections on the walls.”

    De Las Letras Hotel & Restaurante


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