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Marrakech Morocco

Trésors des Nomades

144 rue Arsert Azoual


31.630866 -7.993498

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First reviewed by Dar Les Cigognes Hotel

  1. “No collection of recommendations would be complete without mentioning Mustapha Blaoui and his Ali Baba's cave of artefacts, objets, trinkets, and the most incredible sea of lamps dangling from the ceiling. Almost always there welcoming guests with a glass of tea, this one shop is a microcosm of the entire souks. Specialized in the wholesale trade and an experienced international shipper, Mustapha sells to customers big and small with a smile and very correct pricing. He has wonderful things, home furnishings, and his stock is no longer purely Moroccan, as his travels have brought in goodies from the Near East and Levant, particularly Syrian crafts, but also increasingly Uzbekistan and India... He always has new things, can make just about anything, and is a gem of a man. A must visit.”

    Dar Les Cigognes Hotel


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  2. “Mustapha Blaoui's shop in the medina is a warren of little rooms piled with Moroccan textiles, leather, camel-bone inlay and other traditional arts. This is perhaps the best place in Marrakech to buy Moroccan housewares; the artisanship doesn't get any better.”



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