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Miami Florida USA


1935 West Ave # 102

in South Beach

Miami, Florida

25.795412 -80.142241

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First reviewed by Ashley

  1. “Arrived late after chef had been sent home for the night. But the owners, Marc and Blue, obliged us by going back into their kitchen and rustling up a midnight feast of delectable delights including grilled avocado stuffed with a veggie mousse, roasted pear with Roquefort, pheasant pate, jumbo grilled prawns, and cocktails made from organic lemonade and Absolut. Marc and Blue eagerly explained their conversion to organic foods that now rules their tapas style menu. If our feast of what was available at the moment is any indication, Barbu is a culinary gem that should be sought out and treasured! Look for it near the "new" Publix on West Avenue in South Beach.Late night guests already at the restaurant included the head chef and a manager from The Standard Hotel Miami plus a manager from Michael's in the Design District. Owners and guests, including my crew, socialized and even sang together to classic hip hop and dance hits from the late 80's/early 90's NYC underground heyday. Don't count on too many late Saturday nights as Mark and Blue regularly head out to their getaway in the Keys after the Saturday night shift.”



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