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Milan Italy

Ristorante Cracco

Via Hugo Victor, 4

in Centro Storico


45.463786 9.187116

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by The Gray

  1. “Dine on delicious modern Italian food.”

    The Gray


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  2. “Carlo Cracco, who started his career working for many of the big names in cuisine in France and Italy, was hired by the famous gourmet shop Peck as its chef in 2001, and soon became one of the world’s most imaginative and innovative chefs, earning two Michelin stars and a listing in the Fifty Best Restaurants in the World. The restaurant is set in an elegant building in the city centre and its cuisine re-examines Milan’s traditional dishes in a contemporary way, always creating spectacular dishes which look like abstract works of art. Since July 2007 Cracco is finally on his own (and so the name of the restaurant is no longer Cracco-Peck Restaurant but only Cracco Restaurant, and Peck remains as the fine food store just around the corner).”

    Bulgari Hotel


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