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New York City New York USA

Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleecker St

in Manhattan - East Village

New York City, New York

40.728917 -74.003563

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by Michael

  1. “Magnolia is an institution for many New Yorkers, myself included, and should not be missed if you have a sweet tooth and can appreciate baked desserts of all kind. Though many opt for the cupcakes, I cannot resist the Nilla-Wafer banana pudding or chocolate trifle. The place is unassuming - basically a kitchen with a display case and lots of people going in and out. I also love the small nuance of being able to see the bakers actually making the goods through windows.”



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  2. “Yes, it's a tourist stop. Yes, the cupcakes are to sweet. Yes, there's a line. But inhaling a freshly baked and frosted cupcake that reeks of butter and vanilla (or chocolate) right on the spot is still pretty cool. Don't bother taking them home. They totally loose their appeal when eaten out of context.”



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