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New York City New York USA

Max Fish

176 Ludlow St (Houston & Stanton)

in Manhattan - Lower East Side

New York, New

40.721658 -73.987276

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1 Reviews

First reviewed by The Nolitan Hotel

  1. “There was an uproar earlier this year when Lower East Side staple, 21 year-old bar Max Fish, was rumored to be closing. People packed in to this dive bar to pay their last respects, bartenders got commemorative tattoos, and hipsters everywhere tsked at the sad fate of their regular watering hole due to inflating rent prices. Then someone saved the day and Max Fish's lease was renewed for another year. Phew. The bar is no frills, simple well drinks and cans of PBR are about as fancy as you'll get. They have revolving artwork on the walls highlighting different artistic styles, but all with that certain rock n roll edge. There is a pool table and banquet seats in the back , which makes for a communal atmosphere, and small tables and a packed bar in the front. With CBGB's and Mars Bar closing within the past few years (2 other historic rock n roll bars in the East Village) and as rumors will start swirling about Max Fish's demise again next year, its best to go in while you still have a chance!”

    The Nolitan Hotel


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