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New York City New York USA

Peasant Wine Bar

194 Elizabeth St.

in Manhattan - Nolita

New York, New York

40.721712 -73.994242

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by TriBeCa Grand Hotel

  1. “This little underground room below the street has a warm, private aura that makes you forget about the busy surrounding Nolita streets above. The exposed wood beans, rustic tables, and candle-lit surroundings give the place a mysterious charm. The scene is a mix of hipster and family types, all of whom we doubt just stumbled upon the place. Peasant Wine Bar is a calculated destination, and the patrons come a knockin’. The service is good, and you can order from a selection of wines, cheeses, appetizers, and entrees.”

    TriBeCa Grand Hotel


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  2. “I honestly don't know how to classify the menu, so I just threw down fusion, but, really, who knows.Peasant had the greatest atmosphere of any restaurant I'd been to in a while. You walk down candlelit stairs that gives the feeling of going into an underground speak easy. The room is stone and wooden planks with candle light. It is very dim and romantic with a bit of a goth vibe. I'm not great at verbalizing since I have been there just once but the point is, it's such a terrific place to take people who haven't yet been there.We started with an antipasto plate that had assorted meats and cheeses. I had a glass of Montepulciano and it went down soft and smooth. Great glass of wine. My friend had a game hen with stuffing and left nothing but the bones on her plate. I had the skate which was served in a lemony- caper sauce. It was light and it was terrific. I couldn't even finish it. It wasn't so ridiculously large that there HAD to be leftovers, though. I personally like that since most of my leftovers get wasted or I am headed somewhere after dinner and can't take them anyway.All in all, the food was dee-lish, but even if it wasn't I would go back for the atmosphere and the service alone. It was elegant and understated.”



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