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New York City New York USA

Tom Ford

845 Madison Avenue

in Manhattan - Upper East Side

New York City, New York

40.770610 -73.965793

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1 Reviews

First reviewed by Tablet

  1. “Tom Ford has outdone himself at his flagship store on Madison Avenue. Designed by William Sofield, the atmosphere at this 3 story feat of luxury is definitely similar to that of a private club. What is refreshing, however, is that the staff will make you feel welcome and unashamed if a $795 pair of jeans isn't really for you. No matter what your preference or gender, a stroll through the beaver fur lined floors will definitely put you in the mood - hopefully you'll be heading back to your Tablet Hotel with someone you love. They sell ready to wear suits on the first floor and upstairs you can order custom made suits or just check out the cologne.”



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