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New York City New York USA

Museum of Sex

233 Fifth Ave

New York City, New York

40.744103 -73.987480

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  1. “If you’re interested in all things sex (for strictly educational purposes, of course), check out the Museum of Sex. While not for the incredibly conservative, the museum actually provides more than nude photos – you’ll be able to learn about a variety of sexual topics, from the evolution of sex to the mating habits of animals to the changing sexual attitude in films.”



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  2. “Not at all seedy. When you walk in it is like a sexy 'sweet shop' with novelty gifts that are quite fun. Downstairs is a sultry bar serving cocktails. It is quiet and when we went in the early afternoo, we were the only ones there which was nice in a kinky sort of way.Pay for the ticket into the museum and you will find that the place is much bigger than it looks with loads of stuff about certain aspects of sex. You get to read about some kinky, sick and weird people and the bit about the animals is strangely amusing. Well worth the money.”



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