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New York City New York USA

Museum of the City of New York

1220 Fifth Avenue

New York City, New York

40.792495 -73.951905

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by Melissa

  1. “Tucked away in the Upper East Side, for a long time, I didn't know this amazing museum dedicated to the history of New York existed. I'm so glad I discovered it, as I've enjoyed some great NYC photography exhibits here and an exhibit on the artwork from the Addams Family. Also, Gossip Girl fans you may recognize the museum's facade as the high school Serena & Co went to! When you're done visiting the museum check out the Conservatory Gardens (across the street in Central Park), another tucked away gem of NYC!”



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  2. “As a visitor to New York, this museum gave an excellent background to the history of the city. We would recommend any visitor to NYC visit this museum first as it provided an excellent background against which to experience and make sense of the city. Really informative and interesting display from settlement of New York, through development of the street grid system including original surveyors maps, outline of changes in urban planning through the centuries and then a highly conceptual display on future planning in NYC.”



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