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New York City New York USA

Torrisi Italian Specialties

250 Mulberry Street

New York City, New York

40.723096 -73.995704

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by The Nolitan Hotel

  1. “Every New Yorker know about Torrisi. A relative new comer, this quaint and tiny restauarant serves AMAZING sandwiches during the day. People line up to order their most-delicious-turkey-sandwich-ever as well as a revolving cast of characters including chicken parmesan and meatball sandwiches. Their sides are delicious too, from fresh mozzarella to roasted eggplants. The line is even longer at night with their no-reservations-policy as their dinner menu changes to a $50 4-course prixe-fixe meal. They serve fresh pasta, fish and meats, all cooked to perfection! There are no substitutions and the menu changes daily but you are in good hands with the folks at Torrisi!”

    The Nolitan Hotel


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  2. “Quand Little Italy rencontre Chinatown à Nolita. Rich Torrisi et Mario Carbone ont réussi le buzz incontestable de la dernière saison culinaire.”



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