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Paris France

Hotel du Nord

102 quai de Jemmapes

in 10th Arr. (Gare du Nord/Gare de l'Est)


48.873619 2.363896

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by Tablet

  1. “Hotel du Nord is a monument of France cinema culture thanks to Arletty, and now a very popular bar. It's old and new at the same time, a great way to experience Paris.”



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  2. “Overlooking the Canal St Martin, this classic location (founded in 1885) is still going strong. I went on a Saturday night to find the place in full swing with Parisienne hipsters, and the party was definitely in full force. This place is loud, bustling and if you are in the right mood, a hell of a lot of fun. The food is decent, not spectacular (for Paris anyway) but pretty soon you will have forgotten about it anyway. The atmosphere is really what makes Hotel Du Nord incredible. The interior looks to be recently restored in a faithful, yet very bohemian tradition. The drinks are poured liberally and by the looks of many of the revelers it's an easy place to lose time in. My French is certainly not the best but the staff are beautiful, friendly and must be accustomed to English speaking guests as they clocked me straight away and spoke to me in English even though I stubbornly tried to persist in butchering their language.Not sure about the weeknights generally but I would highly recommend making reservations anyway if you want to dine in the evening. And again, if you're looking for an intimate quiet affair, you've come tot he wrong place. So bring some friends and make a night of it!”



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