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Paris France

La Cigale Recamier

4 Rue Recamier

in 7th Arr. (Eiffel Tower/Musée D'Orsay)


48.851723 2.327824

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2 Reviews

First reviewed by MICHELLE

  1. “Sweet charming bistro located on a small pedestrian walk. Perfect lighting, buzzing crowd of all ages. Plus, they have souffles of all flavors!! Heavenly.”



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  2. “Family-run souffle restarant in the 7th (on a tiny walking street a couple of blocks from the Sevres-Babylone metro (right near Bon Marche department store). This is a locals' place ... no tourists. Don't expect the best table if you're not a regular. But be nice and take them in stride and you'll find what seems like rudeness initially is just that they are a family business and not professional waiters. Try to make a reservation if you can - it's always busy. If the weather is nice when you go - request the terrace. You might not get it, but doesn't hurt to ask.The important thing: the souffles - savory and sweet - are to die for. Absolutely. (and it's nice that they offer the dessert souffles 'en petite modele' for those who want just a little bit of dessert.”



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