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Paris France

Cimetiere du Montparnasse

3 boulevard Egard Quinet


48.839782 2.328766

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  1. “Created from three farms in 1824, the Montparnasse cemetery was originally known as Le Cimetière du Sud. Cemeteries had been banned from Paris since the shutting down of the Cimetière des Innocents in 1786 due to health concerns. Montparnasse Cemetery is the eternal home of many of France's intellectual and artistic elite as well as publishers and others who promoted the works of authors and artists. There are also monuments to police and firefighters killed in the line of duty in the city of Paris. Because of the many notable people buried there, it is a highly popular tourist attraction.”



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  2. “A number of prominent Parisians are buried in this gorgeous and well maintained cemetery in one of my favorite sections of Paris: Sartre, Simone, to name a few. It's like strolling through the city's past brain trust and learning why they so loved the City of Lights.”



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