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Paris France

A La Ville de Rodez

22, Rue Vieille du Temple


48.856966 2.357108

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First reviewed by Laurent

  1. “My roots are in Rouergue. For those who do not have an obsession with Charcuterie, this is the gorgeous but forgotten part of France where the best charcuterie in the country is made. I would argue in the world but that's because I now live in New York and the word World comes to easily. I will concede that in terms of ham, the Italians and the Spaniards take it to another level, but for anything else made with pork or duck, Rouergue has pretty much the best there is.If you cannot make it to Rouergue, and are traveling to Paris, go to this shop. Get the "Paté de foie d'Auvergne - Pur Porc" or the "saucisse seche", if you feel adventurous .. les "fritons", and any cheese made with goat milk (Rocamadour is excellent besides being a gorgeaous little village) or Brebis milk. And then, there is the unassuming but addictive "fouace" somewhere between cake and bread, best eaten for breakfast or in the afternoon.”



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