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Perugia Perugia Italy

Festa Del Bosco


, Perugia

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First reviewed by Torre di Moravola Hotel

  1. “In October-November, local festa held during the most mystical season in Umbria, strands of morning mist float in the valleys below Moravola, burning off to reveal the bright Autumn colours. This is when the production of the new wines, olives, truffles and funghi is celebrated, every street of the tiny village is decorated with branches of Autumnal fruits and lined with booths of harvest produce, the smell of fresh truffles, flower honeys and newly pressed olive oil float towards you through the gates of this medieval walled village, paper twists of roast chestnuts and cups of new red wine are pressed on you in the piazza to encourage you to proceed to try the salamis, cheeses and funghi. The four quarters of the village vie to produce the tastiest menus based on ancient medieval recipes with many wild boar stews, and the most lovely serving wenches in the evening tavernas. The Autumn festivals continue up the Tiber valley in Citta di Castello, Sansepolcro and in the beautiful town of Gubbio around this time, culminating with the famous International ‘Chocolate Festa’ in Perugia.”

    Torre di Moravola Hotel


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