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Perugia Perugia Italy

Festa 1900


, Perugia

43.306574 12.337500

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First reviewed by Torre di Moravola Hotel

  1. “In mid September, for three nights this small county town is transformed into a pageant to the liberalism of modern Italy; normally forgotten passageways come alive with music and laughter from booths of leather workers, tailors and barber shops, bordellos with beautiful beckoning whores, strolling minstrels sing old ‘contadini’ songs. Complete families dressed in the costumes of the 1900, stroll by bands of Garibaldi horsemen chasing marauding brigands to the noise, smoke and smell of carbine and musket fire in the narrow alleyways. Eat in painted tavernas competing for the best ‘desgustazione’ proudly cooked by the ladies of the town, realism dissolves into ‘turn of the century’ fantasy and the proceeds go to charity.”

    Torre di Moravola Hotel


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