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Perugia Perugia Italy

Trattoria La Lea

Via San Florido, 38

, Perugia

43.455949 12.237347

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First reviewed by Torre di Moravola Hotel

  1. “A typical family-run, Umbrian trattoria: Mama and Papa in the kitchen and the two sons serving at table: ‘il Diabolo’ the devil (dark and brooding) and ‘Il Angelo’ (blond and beautiful) this is a slice of real Italian life contained within two simple vaulted rooms, must be booked ahead as very popular with the locals, non Italians are rare, conversation levels high enough you have to shout, but this seasonally based food is so wonderful you may not want to! Prices ludicrously cheap Try the Tagliatteli con Sugo del Oca (goose) or in Autumn with black or white shaved tartuffi (truffles). It is located on Via San Florido 38 Citta Di Castello.”

    Torre di Moravola Hotel


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