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Perugia Perugia Italy

Citta di Castello

Citta di Castello

, Perugia

37.494636 14.647003

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First reviewed by Torre di Moravola Hotel

  1. “This time honoured tradition continues in the main piazza and shopping boulevard at cocktail hour: sip a Negroni in the main bar and be fascinated as the young blades and beauties nonchalantly ‘strutt their stuff’ up and down in their Prada and Gucci parade, even the pedigree pooches are pulled into service! Later, after dining at Le Logge stroll around the corner to the wine bar ‘Syrah’ for a slice of Italian late night life, this is the antithesis to Western pub culture, the walls of this super cool designed bar are a showpiece to the best regionally selected wines of Italy, the fashionable youth select by the glass to discuss and compare vintages and of course the fashions and the girls, in general a perfect example of ‘bella figura’.”

    Torre di Moravola Hotel


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