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Phuket Phuket Thailand

Phuket Shopping

Phuket, Phuket Area

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  1. “The convenient location of Aleenta allows you to have immediate access to local and cultural attractions away from the mainstream. Local markets are easily accessible and promise the famous Thai hospitality.Phuket has a great variety of shopping, from bustling open-air village food markets, noisy night markets, street stalls and local shops to western style department stores and upmarket specialist shops. With traditional handicrafts, beautifully designed clothing, jewellery, antiques, housewares and much more to choose from, the only thing you'll regret about shopping in Phuket is that you didn't bring a bigger suitcase. Central Festival and JungCeylon with its incredible variety of international and local goods are reachable within a short 45 minutes limousine ride.”



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