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Playa del Carmen Riviera Maya Mexico

Whale Shark


Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

21.381944 -86.827698

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First reviewed by Tides Riviera Maya (ex Ikal del Mar) Hotel

  1. “Swimming with these majestic “gentle giants of the deep” is only possible for short windows of opportunity. These gentle creatures (the biggest fish in the entire animal kingdom) are attracted uniquely to the area in seek of plankton for nourishment. These are joined by the usual sightings of Manta and Dolphins. This once in a lifetime excursion will show you the beauty of “Isla Contoy” and the shallow reef surrounding “Isla Mujeres” with breath taking sights of picturesque flamingos and turtles which will remain painted in your imagination forever. This day is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable and spectacular of your entire vacation.”

    Tides Riviera Maya (ex Ikal del Mar) Hotel


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