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Playa del Carmen Riviera Maya Mexico

La Casa del Agua

5th Street

Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

20.631298 -87.073130

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First reviewed by Tides Riviera Maya (ex Ikal del Mar) Hotel

  1. “A local favorite since its opening in 2001. Offers a versatile menu of international food, specializing in seafood. The Chef is dedicated to discovering new flavors while continuously enhancing classic cuisine. His inspiration with the creativity of the Mexican- German owners, has created a different and unique cuisine in Playa del Carmen; their different origins give the menu a European touch and a Caribbean flavor. The restaurant´s environment is unique. A warm atmosphere is created by music and the soft sound of a water fall and with the live music playing every Friday and Saturday it becomes the ideal place to celebrate any occasion including group and wedding receptions. In their cellar they have a great selection of more than 140 wine labels.”

    Tides Riviera Maya (ex Ikal del Mar) Hotel


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