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Playa del Carmen Riviera Maya Mexico


Calle 16 between Avenidas 1 and 5

Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

20.628943 -87.070379

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First reviewed by Tides Riviera Maya (ex Ikal del Mar) Hotel

  1. “When it is about enjoyment, Negrosal Restaurant and Wine Bar is the place to go. Luxurious would be the word to describe what you see, feel and eat and also in the wonderful memories that you will take away with you. Seafood, pastas and excellent cuts of meat are just some of the specialties of the house. The talent of chef Rafael Oliveira will be presented tableside as enjoyable masterpieces and all absolutely delicious. Completing the feast is a perfect selection of wines to go with menu's dishes which are basically Mediterranean but incorporates regional ingredients. The fabulous wine list all incorporates over 200 labels from the best cellars in the world.”

    Tides Riviera Maya (ex Ikal del Mar) Hotel


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