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Playa del Carmen Riviera Maya Mexico


5th Avenue between Calle 10 y 12

Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

20.627103 -87.072176

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First reviewed by Tides Riviera Maya (ex Ikal del Mar) Hotel

  1. “Playasia's playful and exotic “jungle chic” design emerges in a dramatic open-air courtyard environment featuring a waterfall- fed jungle fantasy village of palapas and multi-level tree houses built over a glowing jewel-tone pool. Playasia's romantic and sensual atmosphere offers diners and international menu of seafood, highest quality steaks, sushi and sashimi and Asian specialties. Extensive wine list including selections from Italy, France, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Spain.”

    Tides Riviera Maya (ex Ikal del Mar) Hotel


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