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Prague Czech Republic

Klub Architektu

Betlémské náměstí 256/5,


50.084386 14.417688

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First reviewed by Maleeha

  1. “Best meal of the trip! Every single morsel of food was amazing -- I loved my appetizer so much I ordered a second (the goat cheese tart: Beautiful underground space aglow with warm candlelight and the raucous (but not too raucous) din of lively conversations. Prices are astonishingly reasonable for a restaurant of this caliber (I really hope this doesn't change). They don't mind if you linger and will call you a cab if it gets late. Reservations are recommended -- we didn't have one but our group of four was seated in 45 minutes (pretty good considering it was peak time on a Friday night and the experience was well worth the wait).”



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