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Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Zaza Bistro

rua joana angelica

in Ipanema

Rio de Janeiro

-22.983116 -43.204901

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First reviewed by isabeau

  1. “I went to Rio for Carnival and didn`t expect much from the food overthere, but when I met this cute tropical bistrot in the hart of Ipanema my mind changed. This was certainly the best meal that I ever tried in this city. I went back 3 times and always order something diferent. All their vegetables and some meats are organic and very fresh, I tried an organic chicken curry that beats all those I have tried here in Paris. I enjoyed also a very inventive Sea-Bass with a spicy banana purée and fresh hart of palm. The atmosphere is something special and waitress are very kind and professional and prices are completely fair. I just loved the place!”



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